Quality Assurance

BGL operates on the principal of Total Quality Management. The Company's Quality control systems have been certified as ISO-9001:2000 compliant by BVQI [Bureau Verities Quality International], which is a result of dedicated team efforts of all employees and management.

Chemical & Quality Control Laboratory

The company has its own Silica Sand and Cullet Processing and Washing facilities. Chemical Laboratories are equipped with Atomic Absorption Unit, Spectrophotometer, and other testing equipments.

Physical Quality Assurance Laboratories are equipped with AGR Ramp Pressure Testers, AGR Line Simulator, Impact Tester & Polariscope for strain monitoring. The laboratories are also equipped with profile projector for proper finish specification control. Apart from other tolerances strict control is exercised on fill point capacity. Thermal shock resistance test is carried out with temperature gradient of C between Hot and Cold.