During the Year 2001, the management decided to change the furnace, expand its capacity and modernize the plant to remain competitive and efficient.
The company started its major program of balancing modernization and replacement in October 2001 and successfully completed it in March 2002. The program included complete replacement of furnace with an extended capacity furnace of 105 tons' melted glass per day, previous being 90 tons' melted glass per day, operated on dual firing system and installation of new IS Machines, Printing Machines and Laboratory Equipments.

Acquisition of Ravi Glass and Rachna Glass

In view of acceptability of Company's products in overseas markets and diversification of existing product range, the management acquired assets and operations of Ravi Glass Limited ("Ravi") and Rachna Glass Limited ("Rachna"). This enables the company to fulfill enhanced export and local demand and diversify the product range further.
After these acquisitions the product range of the company covers beverages, food, breweries, pharmaceutical etc. It is planned to allocate the BGL plant at Hub, now designated as BGL Unit I for export production and demands of Southern Region. Whereas Ravi, now designated BGL Unit II will cater to the demands of entire Northern Region. The Rachna production facility, now designated Unit III will cater to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Export from BGL Unit I has always been viable due to its strategic location near Karachi.


In order to diversify the operations of the Company, the Management has also installed a unit to manufacture plastic shells. This unit has also commenced operations in March 2002. This plant has the capacity to produce full depth and half depth plastic crates. The plastic crates are a substitute of traditional wooden crates used for storage/marketing of beverage bottles. The company has started supply to almost all the leading beverage bottlers.