Company Profile:

Balochistan Glass Limited (BGL) commenced operations, as a public limited company, in May 1983. Acquired by the Gharibwal Group in 1999, it has been running with same management to present day. Today, BGL stands as a leading company, listed in Pakistan Stock Exchanges, and recognised across the country as a premier revolutionary in glass production. Our symbol at stock exchange is “BGL”.

Product Facility:

The BGL Unit I manufacturing facility is located at Hub in Balochistan, approximately 35 km from Karachi. BGL-II (Ex-Ravi) & BGL-III (Ex- Rachna), taken over in December 2002, are both located on the Lahore Sheikhapura Road. The total capabilities of these units is 36,000 tons, 75,000 tons and 22000 tons per annum respectively, and they produce various types of narrow and wide neck glass containers for soft drinks , juices, food, pharmaceuticals and breweries in flint, green & amber and tableware.We have superior technical equipment in order to ensure reliable quality and optimum service. This ability has enabled us to gain our customers’ extensive trust over the lifetime of the company. Our food and beverage products are sold to major enterprises of both domestic and international origin. It was additionally the first glass manufacturer in the country to gain the approval of a quality assurance board. BGL is ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Product Portfolio:

Currently, BGL has the following product line:

Plastic Shells

Company Registration Number:

Q-23 (1980)

National Tax Number:


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